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Recovering From the Stress · Wednesday November 22, 2006 by Abbie

The house has returned to normal, what every that is!

Ram has managed to hold himself together the last few days, but it was getting to harder for him to do so. Yesterday he couldn’t manage to see his friends off from the train station. Banana was very disappointed as the car trip to the station is part of the routine of saying goodbye, and Ram realises this, but just couldn’t manage it.

Someone once asked me how do you know when a child on the Autistic Spectrum can’t handle something, or when they are just saying something to get out of doing something they don’t like.

I always look to the physical reaction. When Ram was smaller he would have meltdowns where you could see that he had completely lost his self control. He didn’t want to have them, but equally couldn’t stop them. But now that he is older he has more control over meltdowns, but he still has a physical reaction. He goes completely white! You can see the blood drain out of his face. He doesn’t moan or rant and rave, he goes quiet!

And quiet he is at the moment. He is curled up on the sofa watching videos of the old Transformers Beast Wars cartoons. He isn’t even playing with his Bionicles! The stress has caught up with him and he needs some time to get it all out of his system. Sometimes he even comes down with a fever at times like this.

How do I know he isn’t putting this on today? He has decided that he doesn’t even want to go swimming! Not only that he refuse to go to the veggie shop even though we have completely run out of carrots, his favourite vegetable!

I know better than to try to do anything with him while he is like this. Children under stress can’t learn effectively. It is better to wait until he has recovered before tying to do anything constructive.

So I get an afternoon off. And a good thing too, as I accidentally dumped a box of cereal onto the floor of the larder! I will be able to clean it up before the mice send word out to the fields that there is a free meal on offer!

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