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Thank Goodness for TV · Friday November 24, 2006 by Abbie

My boy is coming back to me! After a Wednesday lying on the sofa watching Beast Wars videos, on Thursday he started to play with his Bionicles again.

He still needs to chill out though. He is very tired and is sleeping late. He adores his friend coming but having contact with extra people for a week takes a lot out of him. Last night he burst into tears because he was so tired. I reminded him to wash his hands. We have a schedule up on the wall to tell him what to do at bedtime, but I have to remind him to look at it sometimes. He walked over to the sink and then started crying. Eventually he was able to tell me that he was afraid that washing his hands would wake him up and make it harder to go to sleep and he was really tired and wanted to go to sleep! But he finds it difficult to tell people things like this. When he can’t express himself he starts to cry.

Now, on Friday, he has finally finished watching the Beast Wars tapes. I think this is part of his Asperger’s; once he starts watching a series he has to watch it right to the end!

He found a tape marked MIB and thought it might be Men in Black. But when I put it in and scanned through it we realised that it wasn’t. One of the items on it is about making monsters for films like Walking with Dinosaurs. He decided that looked really interesting so he watched that, and is back making Bionicles with a vengeance!

Each Bionicle has a mask which has a different power. He has just showed me one that has the Mask of getting what you want. He explained that it is also called the mask of boredom because if you always get everything you want then you get bored with things. I hope he remembers that at Christmas time!

This evening we carried on with the number theme. One of the times when Ram is quiet and receptive is when we sit down to supper. We always listen to ‘the funny thing’ on Radio 4 at 6.30. This evening was The Now Show and Ram thought Dragon sausages were really funny!
Name Warning on Dragon Sausages

We often finish eating before the programme finishes, so we do something while listening. This evening I started cutting out some mathematical models from a Tarquin cut out book. Tarquin Books Ram can’t manage scissors very well yet, but is starting to get the hang of helping me glue. So I get to do the cutting, and he can do a bit of gluing and playing with the model!

I find that all these physical ways of looking at numbers really helps him to understand them much better. And I am starting to get the hang of them too!

Later this evening it will be the wonderful Simpsons again. Love them or hate them, it is a great way of getting reluctant kids to learn, although I do have to sit with him and explain things.

We will also set the video for Every Wondered About Food, which is on in the middle of the night on BBC 2, as part of their Learning Zone. We often record things like this to watch later. It is a bit like cooking meets physics, but without all the silliness of Mythbusters or Brainiac – Science Abuse!

There are so many educational programmes on these days if you know where to look for them. I would imagine that home education is different now from what it was before the days of TV!

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