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Dadday · Saturday November 25, 2006 by Abbie


Saturday is called Dadday in our house, as that is the day the Dxh comes for a family day. He also comes on Tuesday, but that is for different reasons, which I will account on a Tuesday.

We find that on Saturday there is lots of opportunity for purposeful conversation. Today was no exception. While dxh was emptying the dishwasher, and I was getting lunch ready, and Ram was in the background keeping low so that he wouldn’t have to help with the dishwasher, we were discussing the former Russian spy that sadly died of Polonium 210 poisoning. Dxh wondered if it was a heavy metal or not, so Ram asked what a heavy metal was. The periodic table was then discussed and I reminded Ram that we had looked at the one in the Usborne encyclopaedias that we had.

He went off to get one off the shelve and have a look at it. Interestingly though, he chose to get the history one out! It seems that one thing had lead to another in his mind and he wanted to look at the dinosaurs!

You just never know where you are going to end up when you start a conversation!

The afternoon was spent all together but not doing all the same thing. Dxh was installing some lights, (he is a registered electrician now, for the purposes of the company he is a director for so it is safe to let him do that!) but Ram wanted to watch a DVD. Ram’s second choice was for me to read aloud. As we were reading a book based on the Red Dwarf science fiction comedy programme, and the dxh and I were great fans of it, we actually had a nice afternoon, with me reading aloud to keep both dxh and Ram happy. Unfortunately Arrow the dog is now deaf enough that she gets nothing out of it!

I was also hoping that Ram would learn a little more about electricity. He did, but not the sort of thing that I had thought he would learn. He was helping his dad pull the cables through the wall into the understairs cupboard where all the electrical equipment is. When Ram crawled out he proudly said that he made sure that he held the cable away from end. Dxh praised him and said that normally that is the most safest way to handle a live cable or a cable of unknown status, but then gently pointed out that the wires were not yet connected to anything!

So he learned about safety but didn’t quite manage to understand which way the electricity was flowing!

We then gave ourselves a well earned rest by watching the DVD of Nanny McPhee. I find that Ram sometimes gets more out of watching the special features, especially the ones that tell all about the making of the film, than watching the film itself!

Unfortunately I am not as ugly as Nanny McPhee so I am still having problems getting Ram to go to sleep on time, get up and get dressed himself, and to say please!

I am now searching the Internet for the original books by Christianna Brand to see if I can get any hints and tips! Or maybe I should contact Emma Thompson for makeup tips!

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