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Flexi schooling at its best! · Thursday April 10, 2008 by Christine

by Christine

Thomas and Caitlin went back to school this week. It was science week and Christopher went in for the morning as ‘The Lego man ’ came in.

The children spent the morning building a town from lego and when I rang Christopher at lunch time , when he came back home from school, to see how it had gone, he had had a lovely time.

I scoured the charity shops without any luck for some lego but a request on recylce .co.uk (another useful ressource) came up trumps- two sweetie jars full of lego!

The children spent the whole evening building lego buildings and didn’t even mention the play station. Success!

Caitlin brought a chart home from school so we could chart the phases of the moon! She was asleep by the time the moon came out so there was I in my wellies and dressing gown in the garden looking at the moon! What we do in the name of education!

This morning Christopher and I spent an hour designing a paper aeroplane because there was an aeroplane race at school and he was going in after play time until lunch.When I went to pick him up he was delighted he’d come third

We spent the afternoon at home, him playing lego whilst I played a classical music C.D. in the background. Christopher watched a DVD about Beethoven this morning so I played two pieces of music by Beethoven. We also discussed the compilation of classical music and the fact that various instruments represented different sounds eg. cannons, birds, fireworks etc. Christopher was quite happy to listen and surprisingly didn’t complain that the music was old fashioned. We often don’t give children credit for their ability to absorb all sorts of things which are often regarded as ‘above them’ because they are so young.

After school we were back for the afterschool soccer club. Christopher is very sporty and is gradually learning to join in team games . His AS means that he hates to lose but he also has great focus and is very competative and he has asked to take part in the cross country after school next week. A couple of years ago he wouldn’t have joined in in case he didn’t win.

As he gets older his confidence and self esteem is growing as we introduce him to groups and sports that we feel he can deal with.
Instead of the child who was made to feel a failure only two years ago, for us a combination of flexi schooling and a very patient and understanding teacher who has listened to us as parents , has made all the difference to Christopher who now realises that he is a talented sportsman.

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