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Travel broadens the Mind! · Saturday May 31, 2008 by Christine

by Christine

It’s a while since I added to my blog as we whave been away on holiday to Florida for two weeks.

As we intended to spend most of our time in Theme parks I was a little bit concerned as to the Educational benefit Christopher would get from the whole adventure. Boy, how wrong I was!

As each day passed I kept a record of the things we had seen and done and began to realise just how much we were all learning.

We discussed the life styles of the people we saw – the amount of burgers being eaten and cars being driven everywhere and this resulted in debates about Healthy eating and excercise. The sheer volume of paper napkins and cups being used in the Theme parks led to discussions about the importance of protecting our earth and recycling our litter.

We saw citrus groves, yellow school buses, red cardinals (small red birds like chaffinches), found a lizard in the waste paper basket and so many ‘ordinary’ things ’ which we could so easily have overlooked, but, by writing about them I suddenly realised that we were exposing our children to something very important – different cultures and ways of life.

We have even found a wonderful book about the science of roller coasters since we arrived home and Christopher has listened intentlty to scientific theories on gravity, force,inertia all because of his fascination with the rides he had encountered on holiday.

Even just having a swimming pool where the children could relax each day when we returned to our villa meant that the children’s swimming skills advanced dramatically in the two weeks we were away, until Christopher , who previously had been able to swim five strokes under water in the shallow end, was suddenly diving down, out of his depth because he wanted to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool.

The holiday was a great success and it taught me another very important lesson…namely that there are things to be learned from all aspects of life, even Mickey Mouse!

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