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Education From the Man's Point of View · Tuesday November 28, 2006 by Abbie

Tuesday is respite day for me. Dxh comes for the day to play with Ram, while I rush around shopping, gardening and going to appointments.

At the end of the day I asked if there was anything educational that I should put into the blog. I got a quick and simple answer: ‘No.’

And yet when Dxh arrived this morning there was something. Before I left I heard Ram tell him all about the BBC programme The Accidental Angler. Ram recalled the episode from two weeks ago, and I was able to see that he understand what had happened.

So whilst I cannot speak for the rest of the day, I do know at least one purposeful conversation took place, and I am sure there were many others too. Dxh is a bit of a maths whizz, and Ram often comes out with snippets about numbers that I haven’t covered with him!

Ram is like a sponge and it is easy to forget that he is learning all the time. Perhaps the Dxh’s public school background is stopping him from thinking outside the box and seeing that.

Then there was our ghost story again. It is starting to get very scary, especially when reading it in bed at night. Ram says he doesn’t like the new Jackanory, because the graphics are distracting and they don’t let your imagination do its work! He also says that I read books aloud better than anyone in the world.

That’s my boy!

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