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Just Another Day · Thursday November 30, 2006 by Abbie

We started the day reading aloud again, and cheese featured heavily! Why is it that Aspie children have to use the same words over and over again?

Actually, don’t answer that, Tony Attwood already has. Apparently it gives them comfort!

While Ram was finishing his breakfast I continued to read aloud to him. “Mystery Manor” now has another educational aspect to it. One of the characters has an interest in seventeenth century history and has a library full of books on the two Charleses and the Commonwealth. The some of the children in the book are not that good at their history so explanations are given by the others, and I can see that something that happened in that era has affected one of the characters in the book so I am sure we will be finding out more about this time in history as the book goes on.

I asked which character Ram feels he is like; Oliver the bookish boy studying for exams or Bill, the lively one that prefers to dig in streams and climb trees and for whom maths is a mystery. Ram didn’t hesitate to answer Bill!

As much as I would like a boy that was academic we have to accept our children as they are, and hope that they don’t fall out of too many trees!

We took a break from reading, well, my eyes needed it, and went over to the village pond to feed ‘our ducks’. One of the nice things about home education is the continuity that runs across the years. We have been watching the ducks for two years now, and we have a weather project that has been running for over three years.

Every morning I record the temperatures from previous 24 hours, then the write them along with the pressure and humidity down on a chart. We managed to find a box of weather stamps so that Ram could do the precipitation and sunshine levels without having to write the words. Ram doesn’t know it yet, but one day he will be getting to grips with spreadsheets and graphs and charts and will be imputing all the data for me!

Off to watch another episode of Planet Earth tonight, then bed, hopefully without cheese!

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