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Just a normal day · Thursday February 15, 2007 by Rose

Yesterday was quite a typical day really.

What I love about HE is the way that the whole family gets involved with what everyone else is doing.

We went to visit another HE family, who have two boys aged 9 and 3. The kids all played well together; some times they just play, other times they get involved in creating websites, planning cartoons, and other stuff.

In light of yesterday’s UNICEF report about how the UK is failing its children, I find it highly significant that our kids are mixing with children of different ages, and with adults, as well as with their “Peers” and this gives them a huge boost over their schooled friends.

Anyway, we all had a good time, and we came away with a mid-sleeper bed for WD as well (which the family no longer needed) and which WD is delighted with!

The boys also watched some Class TV in the morning, on CBBC, which they all enjoy. In fact, I found it quite amusing that I got “shushed” and told to “wait until this has finished” when I was trying to get them out the door to go and see their friends!

JJ is looking over the Children’s Commissioner site, as he is going to fill in their survey on what he (as a kid) thinks of the site. Should be interesting – he is definately an opinionated child.

SJ is going through another unsettled patch it seems, as we have had a few mini meltdowns over the past couple of days. Some families I’ve spoken to feel that there is a definate pattern to these moods, but I must say I’ve not yet twigged to what, if anything, his pattern is. One thing I do know, in school they would not be able to be accomodating of those “patterns” where as, at home, I am able to work around them.

This has to be better for him. As he gets older he can work through his own mechanisms for dealing with those feelings, but for now, its more important that he is supported and given the freedom just “to be” when he feels that way.

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